Friday, June 19, 2015

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Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Brainerd/Pine River MN   June 19, 2015u

Greetings! several items today of interest....

Thanks to David Jurgenson and the crew for work on the Pride Picnic for tomorrow, Lum Park, Brainerd. See the Peace Fair booths as well, and we will have a presence.

Thanks to Melissa for her work on outreach to other faith groups on Goodbye Columbus; a great response so far from Catholic sisters groups, Episcopal's Department of Indian Work, and links to other denominations we will follow up. Some surprising information here, and good to know we are not alone in our thinking and efforts!

We received an invitation to participate on a list of UUs working on native issues from Bellingham WA, being prepared for General Assembly by Beth Brownfield. She is hoping to provide links useful to those of us in the field. Bellingham and other UUs of the area are active in working with Lummi tribal members on several issues, including the effects of coal transport through the region.

Union Church in Hackensack will host a meeting with Honor the Earth on July 15 at 7pm. More on this after the social justice meeting on July 1st, I will attend.

The Reverend Suzanne Wasilczuk will present a sermon on September 13; we welcome her back and look forward to her visit, always a joy.

Work continues to develop the video conference on Sept, 1st at 2pm, to follow up on Goodbye Columbus efforts; this will involve knowledgeable people who can talk about strategies for the future. This is coming to be a long term effort; but worth it in the end, if we can achieve the goal of refocusing on the ongoing problems for native people.

Respectfully submitted, Mary DeYoung, Social Justice Chair, 218-587-2543

Saturday, June 6, 2015

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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Brainerd/Pine River 6/6/15

Greetings! We are working on Goodbye Columbus, contacting particpants for a video conference September 1, 2 to 3pm +-.  This will be hosted by Ashley Horan, MUUSJA director. The discussion will center on strategies for the future change of the holiday to Indigenous Peoples Day .

Meantime, the  Pride Picnic is on for June 20, and other summer activities will be coming up.

Pat and Melissa and I attended a Gathering in Deer River May 30th with other native friends, and were given an opportunity to talk about GC, with a positive response...

This is a short note today as an interim update....

Respectfully submitted Mary DeYoung, Social Justice Chair  218-587-2543

Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Northwoods Unitarian   Universalist Fellowship, Brainerd/Pine River MN   May 24. 2015


After about two weeks offline, finally back! It was a bad time to be without communications. The bill in the Legislature to establish American Indian and Peoples Day failed to be voted out of committee in the House, so it did not pass into law during this session. Back to square one? I am not sure if dead is dead, or if it can be resurrected. So onward. Our Goodbye Columbus activity continues. We have held planning meetings to decide how to proceed. One thing is to continue to try for a webinar, with the help of MUUSJA, to discuss strategies, probably in September, meantime developing questions for participants. Discussion continues.

Our flower service on May 10th included a welcome for four new members, two of whom were in attendance. This is always a high point in the spring, honoring Dr. Norbert Capek, founder of the Flower Service in Czechoslovakia, and martyr to the Nazi regime during WWII. His legacy of hope and endurance lives on.

The final business meeting and elections were held on May 17th. Officers are:

President: Pat Scott
Vice President: Barb Kaufman
Sec/Treas: Alison Edgerton
Membership Chair: Dave Jurgenson
Social Action Chair: Mary DeYoung
Web and Newsletter: Melissa Birch
Publicity and News Releases: Warren Case

A tentative summer schedule was set up, including June 20 participation in Project Rainbow PRIDE picnic, Lum Park, Brainerd from 2-5pm. A day at the Mille Lacs Powwow in August is planned. Other information will be forthcoming in the newsletter and here, as it becomes confirmed.

We do plan to work with Honor the Earth on the continuing pipeline protests during the summer, and look for more information on this as it is developed.

Respectfully submitted, Mary DeYoung, Social Action Chair   218-587-2543

Sunday, May 3, 2015

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Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Brainerd/Pine River MN  May 3, 2015

Greetings! We are delighted to announce that our Goodbye Columbus Minnesota webpage is up for your information. Right now it can be found through our website, as an attached page. Soon it will also be available by direct googling. The link now is:!goodbye-Columbus-home/c1ogh. Long, I know. We hope you like the layout, and that it will be user-friendly to contact with your thoughts, news items, ideas, support. Apparently, it takes some time to get up and running on google, perhaps a few days, or longer.

We are also monitoring by the day, the progress or lack thereof, of the bill in the MN House, HF1858, putting into law the change from Columbus Day to American Indian and Indigenous Peoples Day. It has already passed the Senate in March. As part of our effort to continue follow up, we are planning a video conference to include people around the state to help set up strategies to help accomplish the change. There are a couple of scenarios; one, it could pass. Then how to carry forward with some substantial and achievable goals to improve race relations. It could be unacted upon, and die. Then would it carry over into the second session in October, or be totally dead and have to be reintroduced? In which case our efforts would be even more important.

Thank you all for hanging in there with us through this process, as far as we have gotten. As always, input is welcome!

Respectfully submitted, Mary DeYoung, news director NUUF  218-587-2543

Monday, April 13, 2015


Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship,   April 13, 2015  Brainerd/Pine River MN

Greetings! At our Earth Day service yesterday, Pat Scott shared information from Honor the Earth and their plans for continuing the pipeline protests this summer against Enbridge's development in the MN watershed. One thing people could do is email or write to the Environmental Quality Board to express opinions on the violations of Native Treaty Rights, destruction of wild rice beds, and lack of consultation with the Tribal Governments on their proposals. The email address is:; the snail mail address is: Environmental Quality Board, 520 Lafayette Road N., St. Paul, 55155. Maybe you could do both!  We will be sharing information as it becomes available, and will be helping Honor the Earth in whatever way seem feasible.

Our new website on Goodbye Columbus Minnesota is coming right along. Text is nearly ready, just some more technical work needs to be completed. As you may be aware, the House still has the current bill in committee, after passage by the Senate, to consider naming the second Monday in October as American Indian and Indigenous Peoples Day. If one looks at the number of bills up for consideration, this is one of many; hopefully we can bring together enough strength to encourage passage this term. If it is not acted on, it will need to be reintroduced at the second session of the biennium, is my understanding, and if not acted on then, would need to be started at the beginning of the legislative process.

Upcoming is planning for a Webinar to discuss the Columbus Day issue, sometime over the summer, and we hope to engage other denominations with similar goals in participation.

Stay tuned!

Respectfully submitted, Mary DeYoung News Director NUUF   218-587-2543


Friday, March 27, 2015

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Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  March 27, 2015  Brainerd/Pine River

Greetings! a quick note today. After some more research, we find that the Senate passed the bill to establish "American Indian and Indigenous Peoples Day" as an addition to the current laws on holidays. It would not replace Columbus Day, but would be celebrated on the second Monday of October. If you go to the MN Senate and look up Bill 1703, there is an audio clip of the hearing on March 20. Testifying were: Dr. Ellen Kennedy, executive director of WorldWithoutGenocide and on the staff at William Mitchell College of Law; Anna Marie Hill, director of MN Indian Affairs Council; Mr. Means, a citizen of Lakota/Dakota descent;
Jay Bad Heart Bull, director of the Native American Community Development Institute. The hearing is 1:57:34; go ahead to 1:45:50 for the start of the testimony on the holiday.

Now on to the House, which is predominantly Republican, and may not be as easy sailing.

Our website is being worked on continuously, and should be available mid-April. Will keep you posted on progress.

Respectfully submitted, Mary DeYoung, news director NUUF 218-587-2543

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  March 25, 2015

Breaking news! today we received a response to an email to Representative John Persell (D-Bemidji) to inquire about progress on Goodbye Columbus, which he had offered to bring to the attention of the Tribal Governments. What has happened is that on March 16, a bill was introduced in the House to recognize American Indian and Indigenous Peoples Day on the second Monday of October. If you go to bills in the House, you will find the wording and the names of the sponsoring Representatives. They are not familiar to me, but of course are well known in their districts. This is real progress. We are planning to open our online campaign mid-April, with a website devoted to the change, nonpartisan, non-denominational. That is still going forward, and now we will be tracking this bill as it goes through the procedures in the House, then Senate. This is a happy day!

Last Sunday we had a wonderful presentation at NUUF by Gary Dietrich, live coach from Bemidji. He shared some of the practices and traditions of native people that he works with, not surprisingly strongly affiniated with our UU principles. His is director of More on this in the April NUUF newsletter....

Next up will be a celebration of Earth Day, April 12, and the Flower Service April 26.

Respectfully submitted, Mary DeYoung news director, 218-587-2543